Proudly owned by janda, the NZ Television Awards relaunched with much success in 2017.

Back for another year, with a naming rights sponsor, the Huawei Mate20 New Zealand Television Awards recognises excellence in television, and honours the special skills and unique talents of the companies and individuals who create, produce, and perform in TV programmes in New Zealand.

The Awards are split into two ceremonies, the Craft Awards and then the NZ TV Awards.

In 2018 we presented 36 awards across two ceremonies:

Craft Awards, hosted by Screen Auckland - 8th November 2018, GridAKL

Huawei Mate20 NZ TV Awards - 22nd November 2018, The Civic.

For more information on the Huawei Mate20 Television Awards, visit

PO BOX 47897 | Auckland, NZ 1144 | | 09-951-0291 

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